An E-Hailing Debate

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The push to introduce e-hailing for New York City cabs has a new challenge. 

Five days after the Taxi and Limousine Commission selected Uber Technologies to make the e-hailing app and one day after the service went live, an appellate judge has agreed to block it temporarily. A panel of judges is expected to consider the case later this month.

Just before this latest turn in the e-hail saga, WNYC's Amy Eddings spoke with NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan and Traffic Reporter Jamie Shupak, who've been debating the pros and cons of ending an iconic part of New York City street life - hailing a taxi.

“There are all these traditions about where you stand, how you raise your hand and if you can’t find a cab, where you go to get ahead of the other people who might be standing on your corner,” Kiernan said. “So there’s a lot of cab hailing tactics that would be rendered useless if this e-hail thing really caught on.”

To hear a full interview with Pat Kiernan and Jamie Shupak, click the audio link above.