Lead Wars, Hem Performs Live, Mars Rover, Nadeem Aslam's New Novel

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

We’ll find out how the effort to protect children from lead poisoning became one of the most contentious and bitter battles in the history of public health. The Brooklyn-based band Hem perform songs form their new album “Departure and Farewell.” Adam Steltzner, the leader of the Mars Rover’s entry, descent, and landing team, and New Yorker staff writer Burkhard Bilger discuss the Mars Rover and the future of NASA. And Nadeem Aslam talks about his latest novel, The Blind Man’s Garden.

Lead Wars

David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz look at lead poisoning during the past half century, focusing on one of the most contentious and bitter battles in the history of public health. Their book Lead Wars: The Politics and Science and the Fate of America’s Children chronicles the obstacles faced by public health workers in the conservative, pro-business, anti-regulatory climate that took off in the Reagan years and that stymied efforts to eliminate lead from the environment and the bodies of children.

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Hem Performs Live

The band Hem—Sally Ellyson, Dan Messe, Gary Maurer, and Steve Curtis—talk about their new album “Departure and Farewell” and perform live in our studio.


The Mars Rover

New Yorker staff writer Burkhard Bilger and Adam Steltzner, the leader of the Mars Rover's entry, descent, and landing team, talk about the Mars Rover, NASA, and federal finding. Bilger wrote the article “The Martian Chroniclers” in the April 22, 2013, issue of The New Yorker.

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The Blind Man’s Garden, by Nadeem Aslam

Nadeem Aslam discusses The Blind Man’s Garden, his new novel set in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the months following 9/11. It’s a story about two foster brothers from a small town in Pakistan who were inseparable as children but whose adult lives have diverged. When one decides to sneak across the border into Afghanistan to help care for wounded civilians, the other decides to go with him to protect him.


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