Construction Costs

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WNYC reporters Matthew Schuerman and Cindy Rodriguez talk about their recent investigation into building related deaths in NYC. Also Aaron Brashear, Chair of Brooklyn Community Board 7's Buildings & Construction Committee, on safety issues and oversight at construction sites. How you can help investigate building safety in your neighborhood.
The DOB has an online database of building permits. Here's how you can look up whether a construction site is properly permited:
1) Go to this website.
2) In the first field, enter the address of the building you want to look up.
3) Scroll down and click on "Jobs/Filings." This is where you will find open permits for the building.
4) Search through the permits - they are listed chronologically - and check for the relevant permit, such as scaffolding or installations. You can click on the permit number itself to get more details.

If you notice a missing permit or discrepancy, dial 311 to report it, and you can post your finding to the comments page below, which the WNYC newsroom will be checking regularly.