The Pleasures of Playing With Proportion

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Cover image by Iker Spozio from Colleen's "The Weighing of the Heart"

Proportion is a key aspect to any work of art. An artist has to choose elements, tools, language, or components carefully--and some artists get lost in those details--but proportion addresses how those elements relate and balance, fit and combine into a whole, and that's what really determines the character and personality of what's made. 

Two new musical projects display particular interest in the pleasures of playing with proportion: the album "The Weighing of the Heart" by Colleen, and "The Adorables" by Zeena Parkins, Shayna Dunkelman, and Preshish Moments. David Garland presents these albums, each of which finds new ways to shape the proportions of melody, rhythm, harmony, and words, into new, beautiful, ear-opening experiences.