Ex-NBA Teammate: What Jason Collins Can Expect On and Off the Court

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In his first interview since coming out as gay and making history, NBA player Jason Collins told ABC News's George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday that the country is "ready" for an openly gay athlete.

In keeping with that, many players have publicly voiced their support for Collins - LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, to name a few. But will the goodwill continue? And what can Collins expect on and off the court from his peers?

Will it be different behind closed doors? "No, I don't think so," said Brian Scalabrine, a friend and former teammate of Collins during their time together on the New Jersey Nets.

"Obviously, you can't say 100 percent of the people are going to be OK with it or 100 percent of the people are not, but in general I agree with Jason. He says that the nation is ready," he said. "I think that he'll be fine as an athlete. I don't think that it will carry over into the locker room or anything like that." 

Scalabrine said he agrees with Collins in that the country is more open-minded and accepting than it used to be and that he doesn't anticipate any controversy spilling-over into the locker-room.

To hear a full interview, click the audio above.