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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation who writes regularly at, talks about progressives’ hopes for an Obama administration and about policy toward Russia.


Katrina vanden Heuvel

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Robert Harris

Hey, your link to the fake NYT is not working. Frustrating!

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Nov. 12 2008 10:51 AM
Al from Marine Park from Brooklyn

Dear Secretary Paulson.
Many experts have been voicing their opinion as to how the federal government should spend the "bail-out" money order to improve the economy. What is really needed is some non-expert's opinion - such as mine. What could be better than asking adults and children to send "Dear Secretary Paulson" letters instead of "Dear Santa" letters, and having the government allot funds to hire shoppers, wrappers and deliverers to meet each request. Of course, requests for automobiles should only be honored if they are for GM or Chrysler models. Thus, a projected disastrous decrease in consumer spending for Christmas would be averted, and unemployment decreased. Even after the holidays, this boom could be continued by the government hiring of personnel to handle requests for returns and exchanges. And, if by January the economy still needs a boost, the same policy could be applied to Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. But, hurry Mr. Paulson, after Veterans Day there are less than shopping days until Christmas.
Al from Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY

Nov. 12 2008 10:51 AM
Eli Mandel from Lakewood NJ

I didn't hear an answer to Brian's question about whether the GM's labor costs are sustainable considering that Toyota etc. don't have such huge health care and retirement costs.

Nov. 12 2008 10:38 AM
cwebba from Astoria

I love to listen to Katrina Vanden Heuvel. I am always happy when she graces the ABC news round-table on Sunday Mornings.

Keep bringing her back onto your show so she can succinctly put out her agenda.

Nov. 12 2008 10:30 AM
BL Show from Varick St. Studios

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Nov. 12 2008 10:28 AM
Zach from UWS

Thanks Brian! You're the best.

Nov. 12 2008 10:26 AM
Benny from UES


Yikes give him some time, he's not even in the Oval Office yet.

Obama is a democrat and not a liberal. He has never voted that way or spoke in that way. He's a centered Democrat.

These assumptions are based on nonsense.

Nov. 12 2008 10:23 AM
erick from rochester, NY

Damn, I should have bought a bigger house that I couldn't afford. If I had known that mother government would come along to negociate my mortgage to terms that I see fit I would have bought myself a nice McMansion!

Nov. 12 2008 10:21 AM
Benny from UES

Please ask her about the "peace dividend."

Nov. 12 2008 10:21 AM
Eric from B'klyn

Apollo Project, Green collar jobs, yes... but I think Tom Friedman is right when he stresses the need for government creating a price signal. “No matter how much you tell the market what you want it to do, it is the price signal that markets respond to,” said Dan Kammen, the University of California, Berkeley, expert on energy innovation. Therefore, “anyone who invokes markets and doesn’t want to invoke a price signal failed Econ 101. We invoke the market in energy, but we don’t use it. If you want a market to produce something and there is no price signal, you don’t have a market. To save a livable climate we need to create mass-market commercial products for lots of different customers who have limited budgets.” Only a properly shaped market can do that, added Romm, and we should be creating that market “right now”.

Nov. 12 2008 10:20 AM
Mary Bon

If by sitting on it you mean paying dividends to shareholders!

Yes we're happy about Obama, but there are plenty of us who are mighty pissed off, too.

Nov. 12 2008 10:19 AM
michael from brooklyn

No bailout. All money divided to all citizens over 18 years of age. 'We The People' will invest in the economy.

Nov. 12 2008 10:19 AM
Peter from Sunset Park

In an article from the Nation titled “Obama’s Dream Team,” Ms. Vanden Heuvel recommends Bill Bradley for Secretary of State partially because he is opposed to NATO expansion. What is wrong with NATO expansion? Since when is it wrong for democratic countries to get together and defend one another?

Nov. 12 2008 10:17 AM
Richard Williams from Larchmont, NY

As a 47 year old unemployed music teacher, I am extremely curious as to how funding for music education will be restored so that I can get back on the conductor's podium. I have had interviews with twenty-two districts since 2002. Very frustrated right now.

Nov. 12 2008 10:17 AM
SF from NYC

What is Katrina's opinion on Rahm Emanuel?

Nov. 12 2008 10:15 AM
michaelw from INWOOD

There was no mandate.

Obama is more of the same.

Patriot Act


Nov. 12 2008 10:10 AM
Zach from UWS

Will you spend a little time talking about the fakey New York Times that canvased the city today?

Nov. 12 2008 09:57 AM

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