Meat Inspection, Restaurant Workers, Gardening, Please Explain: Mushrooms and Fungi

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Friday, April 26, 2013

For this week’s Food Fridays show, Ted Conover describes his experience working as a meat inspector in Nebraska for 6 weeks. We’ll look at how many cooks and servers in restaurants are poorly paid and mistreated, why that is so often overlooked. Margaret Roach shares her tips for making your edible garden grow. We’ll find out how New York City restaurants are starting to compost their kitchen scraps. And this week’s Please Explain is about mushrooms and other edible fungi!

Ted Conover Goes Undercover as a Meat Inspector

Ted Conover talks about going undercover as a U.S.D.A. inspector at Cargill Meat Solutions in Schuyler, Nebraska. He learned the the meat inspection trade, sees what goes on inside slaughterhouses and, much to his surprise, runs into a representative from Eli Lilly who’s looking for the effects of antibiotics on the meat. He’s written about it in May’s Harper’s magazine, "The Way of All Flesh: Undercover in an Industrial Slaughterhouse."

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Behind the Kitchen Door

Saru Jayaraman, cofounder and codirector of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and director of the Food Labor Research Center at the University of California, discusses the low wages, poor working conditions, discriminatory labor practices that many restaurant workers across the country endure. Her book Behind the Kitchen Door looks at the working conditions at restaurants and at the people who work there, many of them immigrants and minorities, who live on some of the lowest wages in the country.

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The Backyard Parables

Margaret Roach offers her best tips for gardening, discouraging animal and insect pests, pickling and preserving, and more. In The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening and Life, she looks at what she's learned through gardening.

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Restaurants Reducing Food Waste in NYC

More than 100 restaurants will participate in the first-ever Food Waste Challenge, a new City program to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills and the greenhouse gases that waste produces. Elizabeth Balkan, senior policy advisor for the NYC Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability tells us about the program, participants, and the city's goals of reducing waste.


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Please Explain: Mushrooms and Fungi

Eugenia Bone, author of Mycophilia: Revelations of the Weird World of Mushrooms, talks about the world of mushrooms and other fungi. She’ll cover how to forage for mushrooms, how to identify the good and the poisonous, how fungi grow, and how to eat them.

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