The Gregarious Guitars of Don Bikoff

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Guitarist/composer Don Bikoff's album "Celestial Explosion" was released in 1968. The album featured acoustic guitar gently altered with studio effects, and an Eastern-influenced take on the bluesy finger-picking of Mississippi John Hurt and American Primitivism of John Fahey. This fine album of solo guitar music was issued somewhat mysteriously on Keyboard Records, and fell into obscurity soon after its release.

Don Bikoff himself has continued to play and compose, and to accumulate experience with a sense of adventure and joy. Now the guitar-centric label Tompkins Square has just reissued "Celestial Explosion," and Don Bikoff joins David Garland in the WNYC Studio to reminisce, laugh, and play us some guitar.


Don Bikoff "Traveling Riverside Park Blues" on Spinning On Air

Don Bikoff on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour, May 12, 1968

Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller - San Francisco Bay Blues