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Copley T Station

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Brooklynites Like Bike Share, Just Not In Front of Their Homes (link)

Feds Shutter D.C. Party Bus (link)

Three New York Area Bridges to get Massive Overhaul (link)


The EPA says tar sands pipelines -- like Keystone XL -- should be held to different standards. (NPR)

Boylston Street and the Copley Square T station are open again in Boston. (WBUR)

Cycling and pedestrian advocates in New York City are forming their own PAC - and it's targeting local elections. (Wall Street Journal)

Sorry, mate, I didn't see you: a study found that drivers failed to notice 22 per cent of cyclists on the road -- despite being in clear view. (Bike Biz)

Chicago is almost ready to roll out bike share. Check out what the 'Divvy' bikes will look like in the Chicago Tribune.

New York's MTA is scaling back plans for a 2015 fare hike. (New York Post)

After an Acela train broke down, one winemaker who was on board organized an impromptu wine tasting. "Before long, disgruntled passengers were singing ‘La Marseillaise’—on the quiet car!” (Washingtonian)

The Illinois Senate approved a 70 mph speed limit for some state roads. (Chicago Tribune)

Bergen County (NJ) residents want more transit and better bike and pedestrian access. (

America’s largest car-less commuting bridge continues to take shape over the Willamette River. (Oregon Live)

Another thing bikes are good for: churning ice cream. (Atlantic Cities)

Lifehacker put together a driver's guide to mastering public transit. Get ready to leverage apps, Street View, and situational awareness. (Link)