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NJ 'Storm Czar' Speaks Out on Sandy Recovery

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Five months ago, in the aftermath of Sandy, Gov. Chris Christie named Marc Ferzan to oversee and coordinate the state’s recovery and rebuilding efforts. Ferzan has worked largely behind the scenes and out of the public eye. 

He made a rare appearance on Wednesday, before business leaders from the State Chamber of Commerce.  Ferzan said that while New Jersey has made considerable progress in repairing the damage from the storm, a lot more remains to be done, and he understands that asking Sandy victims to be patient is not an option. 

He said he’s trying to balance getting aid to people as quickly as possible, while taking the time to make sure the funds are well spent and that rebuilding is done in the most strategic, practical way possible that will limit damage from future storms. 

Ferzan said he hopes to begin distributing some of New Jersey’s $37 billion share of federal aid money to home and business owners by the summer.