Early and Often, Or At Least Early

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tova Wang, vice president for research for Common Cause, on why voting early may be the way to ensure your vote is counted.


Tova Wang

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Jarnel from Bloomfield, NJ


Thanks for your comments, but I think that you missed my point.

First of all, my question is whether or not the McCain camp has data which is significantly different from what the average person sees on the news (biased or not).

Also, I it sounds like the numbers you're quoting are national polls rather that state by state (focused on the swing states in particular).

Your premise seems to be that MCCAIN CAN WIN because he's closing the gap in the polls.

My premise is that MCCAIN CAN WIN because they will steal the election (flipping votes, not to mention the purging of voters from voter rolls in key states).

I'm just wondering if McCain's opposition to the polling information that he was presented on Meet the Press is an indication that this is going to happen. And I use Florida 2000 as an example.

Oct. 27 2008 01:25 PM
john from BedSty


It seems you're in denial too.

Despite the Obama-biased media cheerleading for their presumptive president, it's a little closer than you think:

Released: October 27, 2008


Obama 49.9%, McCain 45.1%

UTICA, New York -
The race now stands at 49.9% to 45.1% in favor of Obama. Obama now leads McCain by 4.8 points, compared to 5.3 points in yesterday's report.

Obama leads among independents by 13 points, those who have already voted by 24 points, new voters by 27 points, Hispanics by 48 points and Catholics by 13 points.

McCain holds a slight 2-point lead among men and has increased his lead among white voters to 13 points.

Oct. 27 2008 11:50 AM
Jarnel from Bloomfield, NJ

I watched Senator McCain on Meet the Press yesterday, and he seemed to be in total denial about the most recent polls. He said that he doesn't believe the those polls, showing Senator Obama with double digit leads in most of the key swing states, are correct. He also stated that he's campaign had internal polls which showed that the race was much closer.

I remember that on election night in 2000, George W. Bush was just as dismisive about the exit polls in Florida - and we know how that turned out.

Do you think that McCain knows something that we don't? Is it possible that they can steal this election again, this time blaming it on the Bradley effect?

Oct. 27 2008 11:09 AM
Julia from Trumbull, CT

I just got a call from a friend who had received a ballot for her intended absentee vote in the Renssalaer area of New York and on it, in the space for her vote, was printed "Barak Osama". Naturally she was appalled.

I hope you will broadcast this fact.

Oct. 27 2008 11:05 AM
Scott D from Brooklyn

A great resource to check your voter status:

Oct. 27 2008 10:59 AM
Dionne Thornton from NYC - Registered Voter in Florida

I'm a registered voter in Florida and I'm voting via absentee ballot. The first time I was moved to really participate in this process was in 2004. I voted via absentee ballot and it was discarded because my signature wasn't updated. I had no idea that my signature needed to be the same from when I was 18 and first registered to vote. I was horrified that my vote didn't count. Though I returned the update signature form, when I called the Supervisor of Elections office a few weeks ago to make sure that everything was updated. Sure enough, my signature wasn't updated. So I had to go through that process again. I still have my absentee ballot and will send it in with the copy of my updated signature form to ensure that I've done all that I can to guarantee my vote. But you never know with Florida...

Oct. 27 2008 10:58 AM

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