Works of Nature


A few days late to the Earth Day Party, on this New Sounds, listen to music inspired by natural phenomena. We’ll hear songs and pieces written around themes of nature and science, - from atomic to cosmic-  and humanity’s relationships with said same.  From Bjork’s innovative and collaborative project, “Biophilia,” where instruments and apps were designed for the multimedia experience, there's a meeting of astrophysics, string theory, neurology, biology - and music.  We'll sample from this latest concept project, and more.

There’s also music from the late British composer/arranger Neil Ardley, and his harmony of the spheres, an idea that each planet produces a musical note related to its orbit.  Ardley derived the frequencies of the notes from the orbital periods of the planets and created a rich harmony, all on synthesizers.

PROGRAM # 3291, Works of Nature (First aired on 1/18/2012)                                                  





David Dunn

Angels & Insects

Chaos & The Emergent Mind of the Pond

What Next Recording WN 009. reissued O.O. Discs, 1998.  Out of print.



Virus (Album Version) [5:26]

Nonesuch 528728

Mamoru Fujieda

Patterns of Plants

The Third Collection: pattern IX [3:54]

The Second Collection: pattern V [4:09]

Tzadik 7025

Christine Southworth


Power Off [8:10]

Neil Ardley

Harmony of the Spheres

Soft Stillness and the Night [7:28]

Esoteric Records ECLEC 2096



Dark Matter (with Choir & Organ) [3:25]

See above.

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Out of Noise

Glacier [9:44]

Decca B0014662-72

Eleanor Hovda

Coastal Traces

Coastal Traces: Tidepools 1, excerpt  [9:00]

O.O. Discs o.o. 29
Out of print.  Piece is available on new Hovda collection on Innova 808,