Anatomy of a Bike Share Docking Station Installation

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 05:10 PM

Thousands of New Yorkers have already signed up for Citibike, the city's bike share program.

In advance of next month's launch, the Department of Transportation is installing hundreds of stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. On Tuesday, one came to the TransportationNation neighborhood. So we hoofed it down to the intersection of MacDougal and Prince Streets to check it out.

The station is located on a beautiful Soho block that's both residential and restaurant-heavy. (Side note: it's also home to a "virtual botanic garden" — but we digress.) When we arrived, a car whose driver had presumably ignored the "DO NOT PARK" signs was being towed away to make room for the station. As its car alarm blared, an elderly woman watching the street from an open third-floor window shouted down "this is going to ruin the block!" Meantime, a bike share staffer was using the opportunity to hand out information about the program to people on the sidewalk.

This particular station will have room for 30 bikes. It's located on the west side of MacDougal. The equipment was trucked in and installed in about an hour. Check out the slide show to follow along.

If you need a little ambient sound to get into the mood, listen to the sound of the bike share station being installed. You can also watch a Vine video here.

Kate Hinds
MacDougal Street was closed off for the station's installation. Temperature at the time of installation: 43 degrees, hence the hood.
Kate Hinds
A parked car being towed away to clear the street for the docking station
Kate Hinds
Docking stations are brought in by flatbed
Kate Hinds
A mini crane is used to lift the docking stations into the street
Kate Hinds
Getting the docking station into position
Kate Hinds
Kate Hinds
Kate Hinds
Measure twice, place the docking station once
Kate Hinds
Kate Hinds
Kate Hinds
The finished product -- spaces for 30 bikes parked on an angle
Kate Hinds
Kate Hinds
Kate Hinds
Note the abandoned bike tire in the tree, which predated the station's installation


Comments [13]

It's SoHo from SoHo

For all you CitiBikers: It's spelled SoHo. Not Soho (that one is in London or Hong Kong). You've misspelled SoHo in all the literature and on all the big maps you've put all around. And misspelled it in your press releases. No big deal, you say? What if you'd mis-written Neu York? Would that matter? No wonder so many folks think the actual roll out of this plan, which at it's core is a good idea, has been mishandled in a very big way.

May. 05 2013 10:43 PM
HairyArmpitLover from brooklyn ny

make sure you bring hand sanitizer or gloves when you touch those filthy handlebars.

Apr. 25 2013 06:18 AM
Alex from Hackensack, NJ

I wish this bikeshare would hit NJ especially in densely areas like Hudson County, Passaic, Essex and Bergen County south of Paramus. NJ is basically like a suburb of NYC and even though we don't have the number of cyclist NYC has we do have several cyclist and many people who would use the bikes if the infrastructure were in place. New Yorkers are so fortunate to be able to have such a green friendly way to get around that island.

Apr. 24 2013 11:13 PM

Andre: "Actually we the taxpayers aren't paying for this.... Citibank is... even better."

Were you around in 2008?

Apr. 24 2013 05:08 PM

Vino - Actually we the taxpayers aren't paying for this.... Citibank is... even better.

Scott - I think it will expand - but they have to work out the logistics

Apr. 24 2013 04:03 PM

Protective guard rail to be installed later?

Apr. 24 2013 03:05 PM
Charles Eshelman from Tribeca

This program is not intended for residents. It's another way for the Mayor's Walmart minded tourists to invade residents lives. They have a hard time navigating the sidewalk, just imagine the consequences of them released on the streets.

Apr. 24 2013 02:21 PM
TOM from sunset park

I've read a lot about bike share successes in DC and elsewhere; however, I don't recall any comments on this specific conflict of taking road or walk space to be dedicated to bikes alone.
I think bike share will be hugely successful in lower and central Manhattan, and northwest Brooklyn, real biking area, but the built environment of NYC is different from other cities and this may require accommodation.
BTW the vendor must pay back their loans and that requires a revenue flow that is positive. Social issues follow unless someone wants to write a big check. DC is entirely capitalized by the feds and that makes policy decisions simple

Apr. 24 2013 12:12 PM
Vino Jones Conspiracy from Soho

This is one of the best investments a city can make in itself. It will not only be abetting efficient traffic flow and tourism. It also takes huge steps to helping the community in deeper ways of health and safety.
Pedal on!

Apr. 24 2013 11:13 AM

It is unacceptable that Queens and the Bronx are being left out of this program. This shameful omission speaks to the kind of city NY has become. We should look to Paris as an example for a more equitable distribution scheme for a bike share program, where every neighborhood has at least one rack of bikes. Operative word here is SHARE. Be fair and spread the existing stations out across all boroughs. Let's not assume citizens in Jackson Heights, Corona or the South Bronx can't/won't ride these bikes. Come on WNYC, you can do better reporting than this! This is tinsel.

“What kind of city do we want to have cannot be divorced from what kind of people do we want to be.”
–David Harvey

”Spatial contradictions ‘express’ conflicts between socio-economic interests and forces; it is only in space that such conflicts come effectively into play, and in so doing they become contradictions of space.” – Henri Lefebvre The Production of Space, p365.


Apr. 24 2013 09:56 AM
Dave S from South Village

Looks lovely. This station is near my apartment. I look forward to using it soon!

Apr. 24 2013 09:44 AM

The woman's shout reminds me of one complaint about a protected bike path a few years ago -- that bikes were noisy.

Apr. 24 2013 09:35 AM

NIMBYs are afoot with misinformation

Apr. 24 2013 09:28 AM

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