Online Etiquette, Afghan History, Vittorio Grigolo in "Rigoletto," and Chemicals

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Vittorio Grigolo as the Duke of Mantua in the Metropolitan Opera's new production of Rigoletto on Saturday evening, April 13, 2013.

From Facebook to accidentally hitting “Reply All” on an email, life online is full of potential faux pas, and today we’ll get tips on how to navigate the digital world with grace and ease—and how to get through those sticky situations. William Dalrymple talks about the first battle for control of Afghanistan in 1839. Tenor Vittorio Grigolo discusses singing the role of the Duke of Mantua in the Metropolitan Opera’s production of “Rigoletto.” And we’ll find out from Ian Urbina of the New York Times and industrial hygienist Monona Rossol why many of the chemicals in soap, shampoo, and other household products haven’t been tested for safety.