How Technology Helped FBI Narrow Field Of Bombing Suspects

Friday, April 19, 2013

In the nearly 17 years since Atlanta's Olympic Park bombing, technology has transformed how large-scale investigations can work. Federal officials in Boston reportedly sifted through more than 10 terabytes of data โ€” much of it images and video recorded at the marathon site. As NPR's Steve Henn reports, if you were to sit down to watch it all, it would take one person more than five years.

Source: NPR


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JFK from Central PA

NABNYC - unless you have proof of scores of innocents being targeted, you have no case. Don't do anything illegal and you have little to worry about. I would rather be safe.

Apr. 19 2013 03:40 PM

We have always had criminals, some who commit mass murder. What is different today is that after 9/11, the government took advantage of the fear of our citizens to turn this country into a police state. Local police departments have been militarized as if they are armies preparing to fight invading forces, but the truth is, they will turn their weapons on the citizens. This does not stop crime, it simply gives the police more weapons to use in killing people rather than arresting and trying them, following the lead of President Obama and his Kill List.

Citizens are now photographed from the time they set foot in public. Their cell phones and cars are sold with tracking devices inside so the government knows exactly where you go every minute of your life. They monitor our internet communications, probably telephone. The foundation of freedom is the right to be let alone by the government (Justice Douglas) and that right was built into our constitution.

We, the citizens, were never asked if we consent to be under constant surveillance by the government, without the need for a warrant or any judicial oversight, just like the KGB tried to do to their people, like Orwell's Big Brother but much worse. I do not consent. The police caught the 2 criminals in this case, but the entire nation has lost its freedom. Not a good trade-off.

Apr. 19 2013 01:09 PM
Marjory Warren from Warwick,NY

I'm listening to John Hockenberry and the Chetchnya connection keeps being mentioned. According to the uncle in Maryland, this is not true. Someone ought to check that their info is true.

Apr. 19 2013 12:33 PM

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