Saturday Coffee Table: Google Fiber and Who's On the Time 100

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Money Talking host Charlie Herman and WNYC contributor Rana Foroohar with Time magazine review what they’re reading this weekend. 


Charlie Herman will be reading “Only Connect: Kansas City gives it up for Google” in the April edition of Harper’s Magazine. It’s about the rolling out of Google Fiber service in Kansas City. “This is the idea of trying to bring more and faster broadband, cable, internet and everything that goes with that to different communities. It gives an option other than cable, broadband and your telephone service. Is it really as successful as some people are hoping or claiming it to be?”


Rana Foroohar will be reading the Time 100 list which honors those who the magazine editors believe are currently the most influential people in the world. “It’s very tech heavy this year. One of the reasons that it’s tech heavy is that technology pioneers and these billionaires that have been created by this industry are getting much more involved in the public sector.” In its tenth annual year, the list features Elon Musk, the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, who is getting involved in space exploration.