Mental Health Care, Philippe Petit on Knots, Tim Hetherington and War Photograhy, a Look at Gov. Cuomo

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RESTREPO filmmakers Sebastian Junger (l.) and Tim Hetherington (r.) at Outpost Restrepo. Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, Kunar Province. 2007. (courtesy of Restrepo)

On today’s show: we’ll look at the relationship between violent crimes like the shootings in Aurora and Newtown, and the country’s mental health policies and access to mental health care. Philippe Petit, who once walked between the two World Trade Center towers, explains how to tie a knot. We’ll look at the life and work of war photographer Tim Hetherington with his collaborator Sebastian Junger and war photographer James Brabazon. Chris Smith from New York magazine on whether or not Andrew Cuomo is the Machiavelli of Albany.  

Mental Health Care

As the Senate prepares to vote on gun control, the effects of gun violence are still front and center in the public consciousness. Mac McClelland, Mother Jones human rights reporter, explores the issue from a different angle – that of how mental health policy and access to quality care might prevent these tragedies. Her article “Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin.,” in the May/June issue of Mother Jones, is about the deteriorating state of mental health care in this country, as seen through the prism of her own family.

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Philippe Petit Ties Knots

Philippe Petit, who performed on a wire illegally rigged between the New York World Trade Center’s twin towers on August 7, 1974, talks about how knots have been indispensable throughout his celebrated career. His new book Why Knot? How to Tie More Than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Lifesaving, Secure Knots! is a guide to tying his essential knots.

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The Life and Times of TIm Hetherington

Sebastian Junger talks about directing the documentary “Which Way is the Front Line from Here: The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington,” a portrait of the war photographer who in April 2011 was killed by mortar fire in Misrata, Libya, where he’d been covering the civil war. Junger is joined by James Brabazon, a war photographer who is featured in the documentary, and who was a friend of Hetherington. The film debuts April 18 on HBO, in conjunction with “Sleeping Soliders,” an outdoor exhibition of  Hetherington’s work at The International Center of Photography.

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Gov. Cuomo: The Albany Machiavelli?

New York magazine contributing editor Chris Smith discusses "The Albany Machiavelli," his recent profile of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He discusses why governing may be getting tougher for Cuomo.

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Guest Picks: Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit was on the Leonard Lopate Show recently to talk about how knots have made all the difference in his famous tightrope-walking performances. He also told us what he's a fan of!


David Foster Wallace talks Ambition with Leonard Lopate

"If your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything." So tells the celebrated and deceased author David Foster Wallace in a 1996 interview with Leonard Lopate Show. In this Blank on Blank digital animation, Wallace talks about his thoughts on ambition.


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