Mental Health Care, Philippe Petit on Knots, Tim Hetherington and War Photograhy, a Look at Gov. Cuomo

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RESTREPO filmmakers Sebastian Junger (l.) and Tim Hetherington (r.) at Outpost Restrepo. Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, Kunar Province. 2007.

On today’s show: we’ll look at the relationship between violent crimes like the shootings in Aurora and Newtown, and the country’s mental health policies and access to mental health care. Philippe Petit, who once walked between the two World Trade Center towers, explains how to tie a knot. We’ll look at the life and work of war photographer Tim Hetherington with his collaborator Sebastian Junger and war photographer James Brabazon. Chris Smith from New York magazine on whether or not Andrew Cuomo is the Machiavelli of Albany.