Could Texas Go Blue?

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The 2008 presidential election map, showing electoral tendency by shade of purple.
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It might be hard to remember a time when Texas was a blue state, but that's what it was until well into Lyndon Johnson's presidency. 

Now that Texan demographics are changing, many are starting to wonder if the Lone Star State is headed back to blue. As it turns out, the population is not the only determining factor.

For the first time, big Democratic donors are starting to pour money into Texas in anticipation of it becoming a battleground state as early as the 2016 presidential election. And if Texas looks vulnerable, what would that mean for national politics?

One such donor is Steve Mostyn. He’s a trial lawyer in Texas and, in 2012, was one of Barack Obama’s biggest financial supporters. He’s starting to see Democratic backers from across the country getting interested in his home state and believes that 2016 might be a pivotal year.