TN MOVING STORIES: Transit Security Tightens Across County, California Bullet Train Bid Lower Than Expected, Salt Lake City's New Rail Line

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Top stories on TN:
Thousands Sign Up for New York City Bike Share in First Hours of Registration (link)
New York City Bike Share Registration is Now Open (link)

Security will be tight on Boston transit, and street and pedestrian traffic will be closed in the area of yesterday's bombings. (Boston Globe)

Transit systems around the country are beefing up security, including NJ Transit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, D.C. and New York.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg rode the 5 train this morning. (@marclavorgna)

The winning bid for the first segment of California's high-speed rail line came in several hundred million dollars below estimate. (California Watch)

New Jersey expects to buy out 1,000 properties in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with the focus on purchasing entire streets or neighborhoods. (NJ Spotlight)

Obsolete welding techniques on aging pipelines are leading to more spills. (Wall Street Journal)

Connecticut lawmakers are putting together a package of bills aimed at bike and pedestrian safety. (Rant and Rail)

More on the psychology of subway seating: "New York’s gentlemen do live up to cultural expectations regarding giving up seats to ladies and children.” (New York Times)

Salt Lake City opened its new light rail line to its airport. (Salt Lake Tribune; video)