Totaling Sandy Losses: How New York's MTA Got to $5 Billion

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It will take $600 million to restore the South Ferry/Whitehall subway stations in lower Manhattan. Returning A train service to the Rockaways will take $650 million. And it will cost $770 million to repair flood-damaged signals in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

Those are the three big-ticket items on the New York MTA's $5 billion list of damages the agency sustained during the storm surge brought on by Sandy.

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo -- who is seeking $42 billion in federal disaster aid for the state -- said it would take $4.8 billion just to return the MTA to the condition it was in prior to the hurricane. The discrepancy between the two totals: the MTA's list includes $124 million in lost revenue, as well as $144 million in additional operating expenses.

Some items on the list have already been completed; others will take more time. At Monday's MTA committee meetings, New York City Transit president Tom Prendergast said the South Ferry subway station is months away from re-opening.

An example of the damage sustained at the South Ferry station, which was flooded during Hurricane Sandy.(Photo: MTA New York City Transit / David Henly)