TN MOVING STORIES: Senate Transpo Bill, Chicago Transit Booming, Bogota Residents Riot Over Transit

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Top stories on TN:
Senate Passes Transportation Bill, 74-22 (Link)
Mica Takes Aim at “Bloated” TSA (Link)
From the NYS Archives: 1955 Promotional Film of Tappan Zee Bridge (Link)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, one of 530 million boardings the CTA clocked last year (photo -- taken on Halloween -- is courtesy of Chicago Mayor's Office Facebook page)

Transpo bill:
TN's Todd Zwillich talks transportation bill politics on this morning's The Takeaway. (Read Todd's coverage of the bill here.)

The Senate's transportation bill prevents the slashing of $1 billion in New York City metro-transit money, and would even result in a 13 percent increase. (NY Post)

New York Times op-ed: "Getting the House to move in a similar direction will be harder....(but) accepting the Senate bill would be exactly the right thing to do."

Safety provisions in the just-passed Senate transportation bill include stricter federal oversight of the long-distance and tour bus industries. (AP)

In other news...
Boston T riders want the MBTA to raise fares before cutting service. (WBUR)

A protest by frustrated commuters in Bogota turned into a free-for-all that nearly paralyzed Colombia's capital. (AP)

2011 ridership on Chicago's transit (CTA) reached its highest level in 20 years. (WBEZ)

Meanwhile, the CTA has decided to end a 15-year ban on alcohol advertising. (Chicago Tribune)

NJ Transit just had the best three-month stretch of train on-time performance in the history of the agency -- but NJT officials know that for riders, "we're only as good as their last commute." (Star-Ledger)

The TSA will start letting passengers who are at least 75 years old keep their shoes on at security checkpoints at four airports. (USA Today)

Tom Madison, the head of the NYS Thruway Authority, writes in a NY Post op-ed: "We’re on schedule to start building a new Tappan Zee Bridge this year — despite unaffordable and impractical demands from mass-transit advocates."

London's Underground will get free wi-fi in time for the summer Olympics. (Guardian)

A group of Missouri bicyclists known as "rot riders" are collecting compostable food waste on a weekly basis. (Good)

Fact check: does your car really need premium gas? Marketplace investigates.

All aboard the BQDEGA train -- a subway car/bodega combo. (Curbed)