NY MTA: 60 Smaller Bollards to Replace Atlantic Terminal "Coffins"

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The NY MTA will replace the 15 huge granite blocks that protected its Atlantic Terminal with 60 smaller bollards.

According to the agency:

“The MTA and the Long Island Rail Road listened to concerns from local elected officials and community leaders who felt the stone bollards were intrusive and out-of-scale at their current size. As part of the original design, there were 15 granite bollards surrounding the new $108 million Atlantic Terminal Pavillion when it opened in January 2010. In consultation with the MTA Police and NYPD, we decided to replace the granite bollards with 60 smaller steel bollards that still meet the security requirements spelled out by the NYPD for public buildings of this kind. The new bollards will be 36 inches in height and approximately 12 inches wide. They will be placed around the perimeter of Atlantic Terminal approximately 4 feet apart. The removal of the old bollards and the installation of the new bollards is part of [a] comprehensive perimeter security project being undertaken by MTA Capital Construction through a grant from the federal government. On April 12, a contract for the project was awarded to Adtec Enterprises of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., after the company submitted the winning low bid of $3.486 million. The overall project will take one year to complete, but most of the bollards have already been removed and installation of the steel replacements is expected to get underway soon.”

TN reported Tuesday that workers were outside Atlantic Terminal, excavating the granite bollards. (Click here to see pictures.) According to the MTA, the largest granite block was nine feet long by three feet wide by three-and-a-half feet high -- and weighed between 14,000 and 16,000 lbs.

We now know the scale of the new bollards, so we created a model out of two giant post-it notes. Here's a view of our (admittedly unimposing) paper one, which stands waist-high next to a TN reporter:

(photo by Andrea Bernstein)

Here's another comparative view: our model bollard next to a completely unfolded MTA subway map (which is roughly 23" by 32.5"):

(photo by Kate Hinds)

We've asked the MTA whether the new bollards will look like the ones ringing Grand Central Terminal (image below). We'll update when we know more.

(image from Google Street View)