Pink Fire Trucks Stop In Montana

Wildland firefighting trucks out on a fire south of Billings. (Photo by Jackie Yamanaka)

(Billings, MT - YPR) Montana is in the midst of a severe wildfire season. Crews from across the country and their wildland firefighting trucks have become a common sight this summer, as pictured above.

Billings residents did a double take recently when a several pink structure firefighting trucks pulled into town. They stopped overnight at the local Holiday Inn.

(Photo by Jackie Yamanaka)

The "Pink Heals Campaign" is currently on a three-month tour of several mid-Western and Western States. Founder Dave Graybill says the tour is to encourage communities to come together to support their women, men and children fighting cancer. The retired firefighter has recruited about a half-dozen firefighters to join him on the tour.

Joel Mains is a firefighter and paramedic from Crystal Lake, IL.  He says what has surprised him on this tour is the kindness of strangers. "We were at a truck stop and one of the belts was making a little bit of noise," Mains says. "And this old truck driver came up and climbed up on the back end of the engine and we popped the hatch and he gave us a hand. That happens frequently."

Pink Heals Founder Dave Graybill. (Photo by Jackie Yamanaka)


The "Pink Heals" Tour wraps up in Maricopa, AZ in October. In the meantime, here are a few more photos so you can keep your eye out for them as the roll through your town.


Visitors are encouraged to sign the trucks. (Photo by Jackie Yamanaka)


Visitors to the Rimrock Mall also included some members of the Billings Fire Department. (Photo by Jackie Yamanaka)