TN MOVING STORIES: Dreamliner Investigation Far From Over, NYC To Create "Super Bowl Boulevard," PATH Recovery Coming Along...Slowly

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NY City Council: DOT is Flouting Law on Safety Stats (link)
Alexandria To Consider Registration For Bicycles (link)

Times Square (photo by Michael McDonough via flickr)

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants to create Super Bowl Boulevard: for the four days preceding next year's Super Bowl at the Meadowlands, ten blocks of Broadway would be closed to traffic to make way for a free, open-air football-entertainment extravaganza. (Capital New York)

The future of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is now in the hands of the State Department. (NPR)

The NTSB is nowhere near finishing an investigation into a battery fire on Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, raising the prospect of a prolonged grounding for the aircraft. (Reuters)

Why is it taking so long for the PATH train system to recover from Sandy? Massive flooding damage and ruined equipment that's not easily replaceable. (Wall Street Journal)

The president of the Maryland state senate is considering a bill that would raise $300 million for new transportation projects by raising the state's gas tax. (WAMU)

Meanwhile, Virginia is trying to figure out how to raise $1.5 billion to repair and replace the state's worst structurally deficient bridges. (WAMU)

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As the NYC school bus strike enters its second week, livery cab drivers are picking up more fares. (New York Times)

Boston's transit system might extend T service past 1am on a "limited basis." (Metro Boston)

Toyota and BMW are working together on next-generation batteries for green vehicles called lithium-air. (AP via Detroit Free Press)

The Port Authority is replacing all 3,336 fluorescent lamps inside the Holland Tunnel with high-efficiency LED lights. (Jersey Journal)

A Rhode Island lawmaker wants to pass a law to stop motorists from driving with dogs in their laps. (Providence Journal)

Remember that old Nike commercial, where the woman runs out of a NYC subway car to buy a pretzel from a street vendor, then sprints to catch up to it at the next station? A man conducted a similar exercise, sans pretzel, on the Paris Metro.