TN MOVING STORIES: D.C. Sets Bike Share Record, Where Sprawl Still Rules, Billionaire Wants to Turn Detroit into Pedestrian Haven

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 08:53 AM

Contractors Vying For Silver Line Phase II Have History Of Busting Budgets (link)
Transport Workers, Needing to Bargain With NY MTA Chair Prendergast, Open With Praise (link)
Prendergast to Be Chief of Nation’s Largest Transit System (link)

Cherry (blossom) bomb: DC's Capital Bikeshare set an all-time record Saturday. (Washington Post)

Portland's $3.5 billion plan to fix twin highway bottlenecks has a significant bike and transit improvements -- but it could run into political gridlock. (The Oregonian)

The billionaire founder of Quicken Loans is trying to remake two square miles of Detroit. "Mr. Gilbert wants to return the area to the pedestrian haven that it was decades ago." (New York Times)

Nicolas Maduro, the new president of Venezuela, is a former bus driver. Bonus: he's given to inserting driving metaphors into his speeches. (Reuters)

Behold: possible seating layouts for New York City's subway car of the future. (Gothamist)

Sprawl still rules in small and medium-size cities in the South Atlantic states. (Switchboard)

Comedian Louis C.K. on the city of Phoenix: "It is odd around here. As I was driving here, there doesn't seem to be any difference between the sidewalk and the street for pedestrians here. People just kind of walk in the middle of the road." (HBOsubscription required)

Metal theft on the British rail system is on the decline. One reason why: "engineers are working with suppliers and other industries to make metal – particularly our cables – harder to steal and easier to identify." (Guardian)

What should be done about the 'ramp to nowhere' on New Jersey's Route 33? (Asbury Park Press)

Before the prom comes 'shock and awe,' according to an email from Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano: "The Nassau County Police Department and the Massapequa Fire Department will conduct a rare and extremely sobering Motor Vehicle Accident Simulation to 1,200 high school students on the football field of Massapequa High School Today, April 15that 1 p.m. With Senior Prom and other festivities on the horizon, this timely event is expected to “shock and awe” students into avoiding dangerous behaviors that could put their lives at risk. The graphic demonstration will consist of a staged, two-car auto accident with an intoxicated driver and multiple victims.  One victim will end up on the hood of a car, DOA, while another victim will stagger out of the car obviously under the influence. The Massapequa Fire Department will handle extrication, patient care and removal utilizing heavy rescue vehicles and the Jaws of Life."

Electric cars will be day.  That day isn't here yet. (Slate)

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