TN MOVING STORIES: Chicago Prioritizes Pedestrians, Climate Change Means More Turbulence

Low-Bid Process For Silver Line’s Phase II May Foster Hidden Costs (link)
Quinn’s Transit Vision: Long on Buses, Ferries, Short on Bike Share (link)
VIDEO: Will Metro Do Away with its Mood Lighting? (link)

Climate change = bumpier flights. To put it in technical terms: "Climate change is accelerating the jet stream, making the wind speeds faster. And this is making the atmosphere more susceptible to the particular instability that causes clear air turbulence to break out." (NPRNational Geographic)

Chicago's new complete streets plan puts pedestrians first. (Atlantic Cities)

A piece of San Francisco's new Central Subway work looks like it's going to go over budget. (San Francisco Examiner)

America's freight rail network is the most cost-effective in the world. (The Economist)

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg: "Not to put mass transit on the [Tappan Zee] bridge is a terrible mistake..mass transit is our future." (Tweet via @Dana Rubinstein)

A profile of China's high-speed rail system -- which is luring people away from air. (CNN)

More than half of Chicago-O'Hare's runways lost lighting last night for 40 minutes; the cause is still under investigation. (Chicago Tribune)

Pictures: commuters with their heads replaced by newspaper photos. I know what the TN team is doing with our copies of AM New York this morning. (More photos at Laughing Squid)

When commuters get creative.

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