UPDATED Transpo Halloween Costume Pics: The Human Muni-Meter, Roundabout

WNYC Engineer Alan Black thought the muni-meters around New York looked kind of like a people (see below for comparison). So he figured that meant they'd be a dandy Halloween costume.

The muni-meters are getting a little more attention recently as the city did away with the old fashioned single space parking meters in Manhattan last month with plans to replace all the coin operated single-spaces meters in the city by the end of 2012. The new editions meters are solar powered, hence the slanted hat Black wears. He fashioned the faux solar panel out of wood and fabric.

Like the real muni-meters made by Parkeon, Black's costume accepts credit cards--what exactly his costume does with them then, we don't know.

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A real muni-meter for comparison:

(Photo (cc) by Flickr user Lucious Kwok)

UPDATED 4:20 p.m. ET. Here's another transportation costume sent to us via twitter. Edward Russel is a roundabout in his Halloween costume for urban planners.