Bixi: Big Expansion of Washington DC's Bike Share System

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(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) -- "Bixi roulera de Washington a Washington" announces the website of the Montreal-based BIXI bike sharing company today.

Here's a partial (and somewhat loose) translation from the French: "The capital of the United States, Washington, District of Columbia, its neighbor, the city of Arlington, Virginia, as well as the campus of Washington State University, situated on the west coast, in the state of Washington, are adopting bike share systems like the one that made its debut in Montreal just a year ago. Starting this fall, 1,100 new BIXI's will be available in one of 114 stations that will be installed in the heart of the Washington/Arlington area, and 30 will be available to students on the campus of Washington State University."

Washington's bike share has been up and running, but it's been so small (120 bikes) that it hasn't really augmented DC's mass transit system, and has been widely pooh-poohed by bike-share technical experts.

Denver's bike share debuted on Earth Day, and Boston and Minneapolis systems are expected to start up in June.

Here's my look, from Marketplace last February, on how look at how bike-sharing works.