TN MOVING STORIES: Michigan Gov Warns Against Tough Fuel Economy Standards, Turtles Overrun Runway at JFK, and Banning Babies in First Class

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15 governors, including Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, sent a letter to regulators urging the federal government not to increase fuel economy standards "too quickly." (Detroit Free Press)

Ray LaHood visited a GM plant in Flint. (FastLane)

DOT Secretary Ray LaHood visiting a GM plant in Michigan (photo via FastLane)

The final route in Detroit's $500 million light rail project was announced. (Detroit News)

Higher transit fares and bridge tolls go into effect in the Bay Area tomorrow. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Hyundai -- once an automotive afterthought --  is now zooming forward. (Wall Street Journal)

One airline banned babies in first class. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Boaters must now steer clear of part of New York City's Verrazano Bridge where a diver found a cache of unexploded ammunition. (New York Daily News)

Sit, stay buckle: automakers and law enforcement agencies are urging pet owners to secure dogs in cars. (Wall Street Journal)

Turtles overran the tarmac at JFK Airport, causing flight delays. (WNYC)