TN MOVING STORIES: GAO to Question California Bullet Train Project, DC Knew Metro's Brakes Were Flawed, Airlines Expand Overhead Bins

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Top stories on TN:
Boehner: We’ll Work with Senate if GOP Balks on Highway Bill (Link)
The Next New York Cabs? For the Outer Boroughs, City Eyes Green Cabs (Link)
Houston’s Electric Car Drivers Have a New Place to Power Up (Link)
South Florida Should be a Cyclists’ Haven — But It Isn’t (Link)
SURVEY: Californians Favor High Speed Rail, But With Wide Variations (Link)

The Bayonne Bridge, which the Port Authority will be raising (photo by Melisande via Flickr)

DC's Metro has known for six years that some of its rail cars have brake parts that fail sooner than expected, but didn't replace the parts because it didn't have the money. (Washington Post)

The federal GAO is looking into California's high-speed rail program. (Sacramento Bee)

The Senate blocked a Republican bid to speed approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. (NPR, New York Times)

More on the transpo bill from Politico.

For the first time since 1931, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is going to build two bridges at the same time. (Star-Ledger)

Britain is rolling out rail smart cards nationwide. (BBC)

Scenes from a subway shutdown: hundreds of NY subway workers are deployed when the MTA does overnight repairs. (Wall Street Journal)

Airlines are expanding overhead bins to fit on more carry-on bags. (AP)

And the FAA says planes will continue to get more crowded -- and tickets more expensive. (Marketplace)

Boston's transit system -- which needs to plug a $161 million deficit -- is cracking down on fare cheats. (Boston Herald)

The Dutch are building a prototype of a "superbus" that looks like a giant leech and is capable of going 155 mph. Atlantic Cities has the story and a video.

Friday rewind: Gothamist takes a look back at Buckminster Fuller's idea to put a giant geodesic dome over midtown Manhattan. (Link)