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New York: What do we need? Better, faster runways. Britain : What do we need? No more runways! Brits take first move to curb air travel: (NY Times)

Questions about DC Metro not put to rest, as train gets misrouted, bewildering riders. (Washington Post)

Brooklyn's Prospect Park West Bike Lane, now installed, inspires dueling facebook groups, con and pro, a meeting in U.S. Senator Charles Schumers' Prospect Park West building, opposition from both his daughters, and his wife, Iris Weinshall, the former NYC DOT Commissioner. (Streetsblog and NY Daily News.) But the Brooklyn Paper does a 180, and decides the lane is a good thing. Schumer's office isn't talking.

Auto industry says its misses incentives, starting at sales down almost 11 percent. (LA Times)

BART chooses route into downtown Livermore over more tracks near freeway. Density, transit-oriented development-backers rejoice. (Contra Costa Times)

A tour of Delhi's dazzling new airport terminal, set to open tomorrow (BBC News)