Boston Bike Share Launch Postponed until the 28th

Boston Mayor Thomans Menino Signs Boston Bike Share Contract Earlier This Year With Alta Bike's Alison Cohen

Boston's bike share was to get going Tuesday, but for reasons explained only on its twitter feed as "scheduling conflicts," the 600-bike Boston Hubway will hold its inaugural ride on Thursday, July 28  (instead of tomorrow) with bike conveys set for Friday, 7 am .

There will be 61 Hubway stations.  The annual membership fee will be $85, and users will also be able to sign up for 1-day or 3-day "casual memberships."  All members can use bikes for 30 minutes for free, then pay on a graduated scale for longer uses.

Pricing in Boston, as elsewhere, is designed to encourage bike share use for short trips, and discourage longer rentals.

If you use it this week, we'd like your comments on how it went!