TN MOVING STORIES: Boston's Big Dig Costs Exceed $24 Billion, Bike Share Opens in Charlotte, LA's New Expo Line Has Track Flaw

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You can tell the season by the type of C train (photo by Adam Fagen via Flickr)

In New York, the type of C train that's running depends on the season. (New York Times)

The cost of Boston's Big Dig, including interest on borrowing, has mushroomed to nearly $24.3 billion. (AP via Boston Globe)

Experts say LA's recently opened Expo light-rail line has a serious track flaw that could lead to higher risk of train derailments -- and repairing it is complicated. (Los Angeles Times)

Metro-North is testing a mobile app that would let passengers purchase and display tickets via smartphone. (Crain's NY)

NJ Transit approved a budget that doesn't increase fares. (AP via Wall Street Journal)

Cap'n Transit says although there's too much park-and-ride action in NJ Transit's plans for its Northern Branch corridor, "they aren't going to pave paradise to put up these parking lots." (link)

Charlotte is unveiling its bike share program today. (Charlotte Observer)

Meanwhile, San Francisco's bike share won't launch until as late as January. (Streetsblog)

Milwaukee's proposed bike share program cleared its first hurdle: a city council committee vote.  (Journal Sentinel)

New York City officials unveiled a long-awaited plan to encourage developers to build new office skyscrapers in the aging district near Grand Central Terminal by allowing them to build higher and denser. (Wall Street Journal)

Depending on your take, Toronto's OneCity transit plan either “never happened -- it was a press conference," or it "went down in flames." (Globe and Mail)

China opened a new high-speed rail line between the eastern metropolis of Shanghai and southwest China's city of Chengdu. The 293km ride (about 182 miles) now takes just over 90 minutes. (Xinhua)

A subway worker was burned by the third rail at the 72nd Street IRT station. (New York Daily News)

As Americans drive less miles, ethanol makers are trying to persuade gas stations and motorists to buy fuel that contains more ethanol. (New York Times)

French car maker Peugeot Citroen plans to cut 8,000 jobs and close an assembly plant outside Paris as it struggles to contain mounting financial losses. (BBC)

Has Saratoga's County Clerk "created a secretive process" to dole out special license plates to "her political cronies"? (Albany Times Union)