TN MOVING STORIES: Madison Square Garden Lease No Sure Thing, FAA Delays Tower Closures, Michigan's First BRT Line Shaping Up

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World’s Worst Airship Disaster Wasn’t the Hindenburg: Remembering the USS Akron (link)
BART, Unions Begin Contract Negotiations as Agency Emerges from Deficit (link)
Why Tolls Will Be Waived On One Virginia Highway This Weekend (link)

Madison Square Garden (photo by Flodigrip's World via flickr)

The renewal of Madison Square Garden's lease is no longer a sure thing. (Crain's New York Business)

Remember how the FAA was going to shut down 149 air traffic control towers this month? Now that's delayed until June. (The Hill)

Passenger complaints about airlines are up 20% -- even though airlines are doing a better job with on-time performance and luggage. (AP)

Car sharing reflects a cultural shift: "People of my generation believed that our private automobile said a lot about who we are, that [it] defined our power and our status. The younger generations don't seem to be buying into that anymore, and they are seeing automobiles as simply a tool." (NPR)

New Jersey is synchronizing traffic lights on one highway. (Star-Ledger)

The jihad ad war is paying off for New York's MTA. (New York Times)

Michigan's first BRT line is shaping up. (MLive)

HopStop is crowdsourcing transit information. "We can't afford to wait years for transit agencies to slowly make this information available," says the company's CEO. "We should rely on our user base, the largest transit user base out there." (The Verge)

A public health message for Shanghai straphangers: don't bring your pet birds on the subway during an avian flu outbreak. (Shanghaiist)

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