TN MOVING STORIES: House Legislation Floats Federal Ban on Cell Phones While Driving, and NJ Transit and Amtrak Suspend Service 3X This Week

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(photo by Kate Hinds)


A NY Congresswoman introduced legislation that aims to institute a federal ban on cell phone use while driving. (Detroit Free Press)

This week, power problems forced NJ Transit and Amtrak to suspend service three times on three consecutive days. (Star-Ledger)

The Chicago area's Regional Transit Authority says it may have to start cutting service next month if the state doesn't pay it the $400 million it owes. (Chicago Tribune)

On the Brian Lehrer Show today, a correspondent from NPR's "Planet Money" will explain the impact of President Obama's decision to release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. (WNYC)

Are lower sales the auto industry's 'new normal'?  "So why does it matter if you sell 17 million cars, rather than 12 million? Jobs." (NPR)

New York's MTA says it's on track for a December 2013 opening of the #7 subway extension. (NY1)

Richard Florida writes that commuting to work by bike makes you healthier and happier. (The Atlantic)

Tesla is ceasing production of the Roadster. (Fast Company)