TN MOVING STORIES: NY MTA Looks At Service Restoration, Britain To Invest Billions in Rail, Software Glitch Shuts Down DC Metro -- Twice

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Top stories on TN:
Crowded Midtown Manhattan Gets a New Avenue: 6 and 1/2 Ave (link)
NYC to Use Inspections to Combat Dangerous Bicycle Delivery Riding (link)
Is BRT Coming to D.C. Suburbs? (link)
DC Metro: We Need Rail That Can Handle Hotter Temperatures (link)

A bus stop in Konagai, Japan (image courtesy of Inhabitat)

The NJ DOT commissioner is enforcing a dress code after seeing employees wearing "really worn dungarees, with T-shirts and sneakers hanging out. Flip-flops. It got really bad...T-shirts with Harley-Davidson, political opinions, all kinds of stuff.”  (Star Ledger)

A software problem caused DC's Metro to experience two system-wide shutdowns this weekend. (Washington Post)

New York's MTA is looking at restoring some of the service that was cut in 2010 -- and the Bronx and Brooklyn look to be the biggest beneficiaries. (New York Daily News)

Los Angeles Times op-ed: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's ambitious transit plan is good for the city -- but it falls short of his own goals, and he's hamstrung by Congress. (Link)

And: more on Beverly Hills High School's opposition to the Subway to the Sea. (New York Times)

The New York Times takes a look at the Atlanta area's upcoming sales tax-for-transportation referendum. "Although little would be done to improve the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority’s beleaguered train system and less than 1 percent would go to bike and pedestrian projects, the money would bring a light-rail train for people who work near Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." (Link)

Games Lanes reserved for Olympic competitors, officials and sponsors could be suspended if London traffic is gridlocked. (Telegraph)

Is Toronto's subway suicide prevention program working? In the first year of a program that saw special phones installed on all Toronto subway platforms, crisis counselors slowed or stopped trains 17 times -- and the incidence of suicide was halved. (The Star)

Britain will invest 9.4 billion pounds ($14.6 billion) in its rail network over the next several years as the government tries to boost the ailing economy. (Bloomberg News)

Chicago-area rail commuters could be using their smartphones instead of paper tickets to ride Metra trains by next summer. (Chicago Tribune)

Talk about distracted drinking and driving: Fiat is making "the first standard-production car in the world to offer a true espresso coffee machine." (USA Today)

A Bronx car-wash owner who failed to pay his workers minimum wage will spend weekends in jail for the next four months. (New York Daily News)

Bon anniversaire, Vélib: Paris's bike share system celebrated its fifth birthday yesterday. (Le Monde)

Take a photo tour of the world's most awesome bus stops. Fruit-themed shelters in Konagai, Japan? Air-conditioned stops in Dubai? It's in there. (Seattle Post Intelligencer)