NY Gubernatorial Candidate Cuomo releases Green Agenda

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(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation)  -- Four days before election day, Democratic Candidate for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo released a green agenda.  It's slighter than some of his other agenda books -- about half the size of his urban agenda -- but it does contain both an endorsement of construction of "sustainable communities" -- a big agenda item of the Obama administration, and a call for "improved public transportation" as part of an environmental agenda.   Here's what he has to say about public transportation (in its entirety.)

We must Encourage Alternative Vehicles and Public Transportation. Technology has made it possible for cleaner, greener modes have transportation. From high speed rail to other alternative forms of transportation that reduces pollutants, the State should encourage the research, development and manufacturing of alternative modes of transportation. Such investment is a positive step for the environment and economic development. Moreover, the State must continue to invest and improve public transportation in order to improve the environment.

He does not address the transit financing issue that came up at the press conference releasing his urban agenda.

There's also a section on sustainable communities, which hews closely in philosophy to the Ray LaHood-Shaun Donovan-Lisa Jackson (DOT-HUD-EPA) effort.

You can read that part, after the jump.

Building Cleaner, Greener Communities. We must start thinking comprehensively by
integrating smart growth, urban revitalization, environmental justice, public transportation and infrastructure. Our Upstate communities are in need of both economic and environmental revitalization.

For too long, New York has allowed and even encouraged sprawling communities to be built, requiring expensive infrastructure that we can no longer afford to maintain.

We must work to counteract the negative environmental effects of this sprawl, commit to smart growth principles in all aspects of development and revitalize our existing urban infrastructure and communities.

An essential component of our urban redevelopment efforts is a commitment to
transportation systems, including mass transportation, alternative fuel vehicles and
pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure that take environmental and community needs into consideration. To further these goals, we will implement a competitive regional grant program to encourage the development and implementation of
sustainable community planning that coordinates sustainability efforts in housing, transportation, emissions and energy efficiency, among others, and that takes into account the cumulative impacts of prior development.

Only through the coordinated, joint efforts of all State agencies will we be able to protect the health of our environment while simultaneously revitalizing
our urban communities.