TN MOVING STORIES: Manhattan's 6 1/2 Avenue Becoming a Reality, Palin Endorses Mica Rival, Rickshaw Bling All the Rage in India

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Top stories on TN:
Interstate? Close Enough (link)
PIC OF THE WEEK: What Amtrak High-Speed Rail Trains Will Look Like in 2040 (link)
NYC Approves 17% Cab Fare Hike (link)
Texting-While-Driving Tickets Quadruple in New York (link)
Trucking Key Reason Oil Service Company Moves to Small Eastern Montana Town (link)
Congressman Nadler: Families That Fly Together Should Be Seated Together (link)

A Rolls Royce jet engine made out of LEGO (photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

Sarah Palin has endorsed Sandy Adams over her primary opponent in her closely watched race against fellow GOP Congressperson (and House T&I committee chair) John Mica in Florida. (Politico)

Google Maps now has walking directions for 44 African countries. (Google's Lat Long Blog)

A Maryland county executive says building the area's BRT system could take 20 to 30 years, rejecting a recommendation by a county task force to build it in nine years. (Washington Post)

Progress on America's rail system will be incremental, say experts -- think "higher-speed rail," not "high-speed." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

A UCLA analysis of Japan's Shinkansen bullet train and its impact on the growth of cities along its route calls into question claims by state officials that California's high-speed rail project will create up to 400,000 jobs. (Los Angeles Times)

Behold: the world's first jet engine, made entirely out of LEGO bricks -- 152,455 of them, to be precise. (Gizmodo)

New signage is making Manhattan's 6 1/2 Avenue -- a string of public pedestrian plazas in midtown -- a reality. (DNA Info)

Newsday opinion: county executives' questions about the Tappan Zee Bridge are legitimate -- and delaying a key vote on the project is "the only real leverage these leaders have to get information."

A coalition of activists protesting the MBTA's recent fare hikes are organizing mass fare evasions today and calling it "Boston Fare Strike Day." (BostInno)

Rickshaw bling is all the rage in India. "Decorating my rickshaw isn't just a business investment, it's also my passion," says one driver. (NPR)

The New York City Council wants to crack down on electric bikes. (New York Daily News)

Kickstarter project of the day: A companion book to a photo exhibit finds 40 former Miss Subways and asks "whether they’ve lived up to their dreams." (link; video below)