TN MOVING STORIES: Election Likely to Bring More Transpo Gridlock, Anti-Transit Mayor Ousted in Troy, Storm Hits Already Battered Northeast

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Nor'easter snow in NYC, 11/7/12 (photo by Kate Hinds)

It's unlikely that the election results will unstick political transportation gridlock: "The dynamic for transportation in the House will be little changed except for possibly an even more conservative tilt to the body, which could complicate efforts to push through the next transportation bill." (Politico)

Los Angeles's Measure J, the proposed 30-year extension of a half-cent transportation sales tax in Los Angeles County, failed to receive the two-thirds majority needed to pass during Tuesday's election. (Los Angeles Times)

Find more ballot initiative outcomes over at Atlantic Cities.

The mayor of Troy, Michigan -- who had opposed taking federal money for a regional transit center-- was ousted from office in a recall election. (Crain's Detroit)

New York City riders turned out by the dozens -- not hundreds -- to oppose an MTA fare hike. (New York Daily News)

A Nor'easter brought more misery to New York and New Jersey. (Star-Ledger)

Houston's Metro must continue to share transit tax revenues with other municipalities to pay for roads and bridges. (KUHF)

Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the credit rating on bonds issued by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority due to the transit system’s sluggish operating performance and reliance on stagnant state sales tax revenue. (Boston Business Journal)

Everyone wants to know whether Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will stay on for a second term or not. (The Hill)

Airlines were grounding about a thousand flights while waiting for Wednesday's storm. But good luck getting an insurer to cover those losses, said one aviation consultant. (Marketplace)

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