Ferry Update: East River Ferries Coming Back, SI Ferry No Timeline

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UPDATED Wednesday 8:20 pm: East River Ferry service is coming back Thursday broken into two loops. The northern loop connects Long Island City and North Williamsburg to 34th Street. The southern loop connects North Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Wall Street.

Ferry landings in Greenpoint and South Williamsburg will remain closed due to Hurricane damage.

The ferries will run from 7 a.m. to 6.p.m.

POSTED Wednesday 5:45 pm: The NY DOT is still repairing the Staten Island Ferry terminals and doesn't have an estimate for getting the boats out on the water again following Hurricane Sandy's storm surge on Sunday night.

New York Waterway  resumed some ferry service along the Hudson River Wednesday.

The NY Department of Transportation, the agency that operates that Staten Island Ferry explained, “"There was considerable damage to the terminals and to the electrical components of the docks that operate the movable ramps, all of which were submerged in the storm surge. As we've cleaned the terminals around the clock and closely assessed and repaired each slip we're getting closer to having all the pieces necessary to restore service safely. We still have more damage assessment and recovery left at St. George in particular before we will have a firm estimate on when service will resume." The agency hopes to make an announcement "soon."

The ferries themselves were undamaged in the storm and are ready to go. That was achieved by mooring them at a maintenance facility with full crew and engines online throughout the storm.

On Sunday, 47,000 runners will head to Staten Island to start the New York Marathon ... most will want to use the SI Ferry.