TN Moving Stories: MTA to Quiet Buses, Andrew Cuomo Likes His Muscle Cars, and the Airport Pat-Down Gets Personal

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New York City's MTA to quiet 6,000 city buses with mufflers. (NY Daily News)

A survey says that most DC Metro workers see safety violations, but fail to report them because they feared retaliation--or indifference. (Washington Post)

Airport security measures to get...more personal: "moving from the screener's traditional hand pat to more of a hand-sliding motion." (AP)

We have electric cars -- what about electric planes? Apparently they're making inroads in flight schools. (Wired)

Throw it into reverse: the hole that was dug for the ARC tunnel is being filled in (WNYC). Meanwhile, Ray LaHood vows on his blog that "one derailment won't stop progress."

If elected to office, Andrew Cuomo will bring not only his professional experience to Albany, but also "his garage full of 1970s muscle cars and a custom-made motorcycle, which he has labored and obsessed over since his days as a teenage gas station attendant in Queens." (New York Times)