TN MOVING STORIES: Transportation Test Run for London Olympics, American Airlines Seeks Merger, Chevy Now Offering Refunds

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Top stories on TN:
NY Gov Cuomo: We’re Paying for the New Tappan Zee With Tolls — And Mass Transit Would Increase Them Even More (link)
Will SunRail Change Central Florida’s Driving Habits? (link)
NYC Cab Drivers Push for Fare Hike Ahead of TLC Vote (link)

London Tube poster (photo by Tom Page via flickr)

American Airlines is looking for a merger or another investment deal as a path out of bankruptcy. (Wall Street Journal)

A transportation test-run for the London Olympics raised fresh fears about the city's ability to cope. (Guardian)

BART has exonerated a police officer who shot and killed a knife-wielding homeless man on the Civic Center platform last July. (Bay Citizen)

Your congestion datapoints of the day. "Avoid driving in Warsaw, Rome, and Brussels. They’re even worse than LA." (Felix Salmon/Reuters)

Caltrain began testing a real-time train arrival system. (KGO-TV)

How are Houston's HOT lanes working? (KUHF)

Most urban jobs are near some sort of mass transit stop but most workers face impractically difficult commutes via public transportation -- a consequence of suburbanization. (Wall Street Journal)

Don't like your new Chevy? Now you can return it for a full refund as long as the car has fewer than 4,000 miles on it. (Los Angeles Times)

DC's Council passed the taxicab modernization bill, but removed the amendment which would have required Uber to charge minimum fees five times those of regular taxis. (DCist, h/t GGW)

Inmates at one Brazilian prison can reduce their sentences in exchange for generating power via bicycle to help illuminate the town at night. (AP via Houston Chronicle)

Riding a bus carries race and class biases. "Can a city actually successfully gentrify its bus system?" (Atlantic Cities)

Meanwhile, one writer talks back: "Why is it a problem that in massively diverse international cities we don't have "enough" white people on the bus?" (Human Transit)

(editor's note: TN talks about race and mass transit in our documentary "Back of the Bus." Listen here.)

China’s auto sales rose 9% in June as buyers rushed to beat possible limits on car registrations aimed at curbing traffic. (Detroit Free Press)