TN MOVING STORIES: Boston's Expanding Bike Share, California Bullet Train Construction Delayed, And Fret Not About Range Anxiety

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Top stories on TN:
BREAKING: House GOP Floats 18-Month Transpo Bill (Link)
Transit, Jobs, Construction Noise: Rockland Residents Air Worries About Swiftly Approaching Tappan Zee Bridge Project (Link)
New York State Goes on Offensive Against Transit Over Tappan Zee Bridge (Link)
Photo: Straphangers, You Look MAHVELOUS (Link)
The Lorax Speaks for an SUV, And Mazda Says That’s OK (Link)
Airline Employment Up for 13th Month (Link)

Renting a Hubway bike in Boston

Boston's bike share program is booming, and will expand the program and add more bike lanes this year. (Boston Globe)

Chicago transit supporters are floating legislation that would raise the gas tax in the area -- and use the funds for transit. (Chicago Tribune)

Light rail alleviates traffic congestion -- at least in Denver. (Atlantic Cities)

The possibility of $5-a-gallon gas in the U.S. is looming. (New York Times)

Hundreds of people turned out to protest transit cuts in Pittsburgh. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

DC's Metro is replacing its older diesel buses with hybrid electric ones. (GGW)

Fret not about range anxiety: this infographic should put to rest fears about electric cars. (FastCoExist)

California's high speed rail program won't start construction until next year. (Fresno Bee)

Ray LaHood's son Sam is being allowed to leave Egypt. (The Hill)