TN MOVING STORIES: AAA To Launch Fast-Charging Trucks For EVs, NRDC Threatens Rail Companies With Pollution Suit, and the End of NYC's Bike War?

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Electric vehicle charging (photo by Birmingham News Room/Flickr)

A Wall Street Journal opinion piece says New York City's bike war is over. "Look all around you. The bikes have won, and it's not a terrible thing."

AAA is launching fast-charging trucks to juice up stranded electric vehicles. (Los Angeles Times)

Another departure at San Francisco's Muni leaves a leadership vacuum. (San Francisco Examiner)

San Francisco taxi drivers protest regulation and credit card charges. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Transportation Alternatives and the New York Daily News took a bogus parking placard (complete with the seal of Bulgaria) on a test drive to see if their car would get tickets. It didn't. (NY Daily News)

The NRDC threatened two railroad companies with a pollution lawsuit. (AP)

One Canadian columnist says it's time to charge the real cost of parking. (Toronto Star)

A number of Boston bus operators were hired despite checkered driving records that include multiple suspensions, numerous moving violations and repeated accidents in which they were found to be at fault. (Boston Herald)

The VP of the US High Speed Rail Association is on board with Congressman Mica's Northeast Corridor privatization plan. (The Hill)

Some airlines are switching from paper to iPads in the cockpit to cut down on weight -- and therefore fuel costs. (Good)