TN MOVING STORIES: Chicago Trains Police to Patrol on Bike, Smaller Airports Have Space to Rent, Battle over BRT in Delhi

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Top stories on TN:
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Amtrak Updates High-Speed Rail Vision, What’s Changed (link)
Calif. High-Speed Rail’s One Vote Survival Reveals New Anti-HSR Fault Line (link)
PICS: Renderings of Amtrak’s Future NYC Moynihan Station (link)
NYC Taxi Commission To Vote on Fare Increase This Week (link)

(photo by I Am Ming via flickr)

Pedestrian deaths are on the rise in Ocean City, and one police officer says it's because "pedestrians aren't using common sense." (Baltimore Sun)

A key Toronto city councillor is backing away from a plan that would raise property taxes to pay for transit expansion. (Globe and Mail)

Smaller U.S. airports -- losing traffic to bigger cities and airline consolidation -- are scrambling to find new uses for unoccupied terminals, hangars and other specialized buildings. (New York Times)

The Philippines plans to spend a record 404.6 billion pesos ($9.6 billion) on infrastructure next year as it aims to push its growth rate to 8 percent. (Reuters)

Bus ridership is up in Indianapolis, where passengers wary of gas prices use the bus to complement car ownership.  (Marketplace)

A battle about whether cars should be allowed in Delhi's BRT lanes is moving to India's Supreme Court. "It has saved lives, but it has also increased the travel time for car drivers. Whether it has shortened bus travel times depends on which research you read." (New York Times)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on the disagreement over the new Tappan Zee Bridge: "The question is do you allow the opposition and the controversy to defeat the project or not? Because if controversy always wins, we build nothing.” (Democrat and Chronicle)

Fluids from the Marcellus Shale are likely leaking into Pennsylvania's drinking water. (Pro Publica)

Chicago police are training hundreds of cops to patrol on bikes. (Chicago Tribune)

A Long Island man has driven his 1966 Volvo P1800S nearly 3 million miles. (NPR)

NJ Transit's board is scheduled to consider a proposed $3 billion budget tomorrow. (AP via

An MBTA bus collided with a truck on the set of a Sandra Bullock movie. (Boston Globe)

Police in Cardiff have begun a zero tolerance crackdown on cyclists using the pavements -- but bicyclists say bike lanes are often blocked by parked cars. (BBC)

Some drivers who have received tickets generated by red-light cameras at New Jersey can have those summonses put on hold. (Asbury Park Press)

A landslide that caused a massive sinkhole to form on a highway western Manitoba is still moving -- and the land is sinking a few inches more each day. (CBC)

Chrysler is resurrecting the Dodge Dart -- but it looks a little different than it did in the 1960s and 70s. (Detroit Free Press)

Ladies, watch the height of your bike handlebars. (CBC)