TN MOVING STORIES: "Heat Kink" to Blame for Metro Derailment, California Says No Thanks To French Rail Operator

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A "heat kink" in rails near the West Hyattsville Metro Station (image courtesy of WMATA)

California rejected help from an experienced bullet train operator, saying the state would wait until the system was partially built. "It's like California is trying to design and build a Boeing 747 instead of going out and buying one," says one engineer. (Los Angeles Times)

How hot was it in DC last week? The recent heatwave caused in a kink in the rails of a Metro station -- leading to a derailment. (Washington Post)

Officials say San Francisco's stalled bike share program won't be up and running until 2013. (San Francisco Examiner)

Concerned that his plan for a new Tappan Zee Bridge across the Hudson stay on the fast track, NY Gov. Cuomo is assigning his chief of staff to rally support for the $5 billion project. (New York Post)

Chinatown buses: also used for smuggling illegal -- and contaminated -- clams. "Bottom line is this: Would you want to eat something stored in the luggage cart of a bus since at least Philadelphia?" (New York Post)

Amtrak's updated plan for high-speed train travel on the East Coast envisions 37-minute trips between Philadelphia and New York, after a $151 billion redevelopment of the entire Northeast Corridor. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

New Jersey didn't get much out of the recent federal transportation bill. (Record)

New York Times editorial: plans to fix up Penn Station are severely limited because "there will be no knocking it down or moving Madison Square Garden, which lies atop Penn Station like a manhole cover."

New Delhiā€™s airport rail link -- India's first private rail system -- was shut down for repairs until August after defects were found on its civil structures following 16 months of operations. (Bloomberg News)

Where are our driverless trains? (Atlantic Cities)

Infographic: facts about hybrid cars. (Detroit Free Press)