Rogoff: Age of Transit Systems "Spooky"

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(Transportation Nation) More from Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff, from the APTA conference call earlier today (first post here):

"There are power substation facilities serving the SEPTA [Philadelphia] system that have equipment in it dating from the 19-teens and 20’s. Thank heaven they overbuilt those systems back in the 20’s because they actually have been able to endure and serve the service.

"But it is, sometimes it is rather spooky when you see how many tens of thousands of daily commuters that are dependent on the continuing reliability of systems that are approaching 50, 60, 70 years-old in some of these cities.

"That’s why we really want to surge forward with the investment because some of those systems are going to have to be replaced you cannot keep milking them along another half century."

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