Sunday Subway Updates: 2 and 3 Trains Run Under River, D Trains Begin Limited Service

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2:30PM UPDATE: The MTA says it is "now working to resume Q train service from Astoria in Queens to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, M train service from Queens to Brooklyn and A train service from 168 St. in Manhattan to Lefferts Blvd. in Queens.

The L train from Brooklyn to Manhattan and the G train from Brooklyn to Queens remain suspended with no estimated time for resuming service."

At an afternoon news conference, Mayor Bloomberg said, "city, state and federal workers are continuing to pump out the Hugh Carey Tunnel/Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, the Queens Midtown Tunnel as well as the Montague Tunnel that carries the N and R trains."

Trains are now getting between Brooklyn and Manhattan via two tunnels and two bridges, as the MTA adds service on more lines across the East River.

2 train service now runs from 241 Street in the Bronx to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and 3 train service has resumed from 148th Street to New Lots Ave.

Tunnels and stations for 1, 2 and 3 trains were the hardest hit on the New York City transit system.  The restoration of service has come after millions of gallons of water have been removed.  This morning, Gov. Cuomo announced that "the South Ferry station, which at one time was a large fish tank, has been pumped dry."

Still, that station remained closed Sunday and 1 train service stops at 14th Street in Manhattan.  Cuomo said he expected more stations opened farther south today.

The D and J trains are now running over the Manahattan and Williamsburg bridges.  The MTA says D service will be limited for now, but it runs from 205th Street in the Bronx to Bay Parkway in Brooklyn.

Today, the F train is running in two sections.  In Manhattan and Queens, it makes local stops between 179 St to 34 St.  In Brooklyn, a second arm of service runs between Avenue X and Jay Street.  MTA shuttle buses can take passengers from Jay Street to 34th Street in Manhattan.

Here is updated information on the rest of the transit systems and roadways: