TN MOVING STORIES: Bullet Train Vote Clears California Assembly, Bogotá’s Deterioriating BRT System, MUNI Officials Inflated On-Time Numbers

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A TransMilenio bus in Bogotá (photo by Paquito Masia via flickr)

California's assembly passed $8 billion in funding for high-speed rail and other projects on Thursday -- but the funding faces an uncertain future in today's Senate vote. (Los Angeles Times)

Foreign diplomats in London have racked up £58m in unpaid congestion pricing charges since 2003 -- and "US diplomats are the worst offenders." (BBC)

Atlanta's sales tax-for-transportation initiative comes to a vote this month -- but "an unusual coalition of tax watchdogs, tea-party groups, environmentalists and the NAACP" say it won't solve the region's transit problems. (Wall Street Journal)

Bogotá’s bus rapid transit system has deteriorated -- and laws fashioned to reduce car traffic and pollution have perversely ended up encouraging more Bogotans to get second cars and buy motorcycles. (New York Times)

Minneapolis's three-year old commuter rail line, Northstar, is slashing fares by as much as 25 percent in an attempt to attract new riders. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

San Francisco Muni officials knew years ago that they were inflating on-time performance, but they failed to address the issue. (Bay Citizen)

No, Mayor Bloomberg won't help you with your parking ticket. (Politicker)

A subway line in Shenzhen, China, is offering first-class seats. (Wall Street Journal)

The governor of Illinois wants to auction off the state's famous "No. 1" license plate and use the proceeds for programs for military veterans. (Chicago Sun Times)

Will MetroCards and taxis reduce the NY MTA's costs of Access-a-Ride? (MetroFocus)

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a smart headlight that can shine "around" rain. "The idea is that the headlight will be able to predict where rain falls and adjust light beams accordingly." (BBC)