TN MOVING STORIES: US to Battle China Over Auto Tariffs, Paper Maps on Decline, London Mayor Warns of "Huge Pressure On Transport Network"

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Loudoun County Votes Yes On Silver Line To Dulles Airport (link)
Seen on the Street: New York’s CityBench (link)

(image courtesy of Transport for London)

The Obama administration wants the World Trade Organization to force China to stop imposing duties on U.S. auto exports. (Wall Street Journal)

London businesses which have not yet made plans to deal with transport congestion during the Olympics have been told they must do so now -- or face gridlock in the capital. (Guardian)

Meanwhile: the mayor of London has recorded public service announcements warning locals "there is going to be huge pressure on the transport network." (Atlantic Cities)

Volkswagen is completing its purchase of Porsche. (Bloomberg)

Technology is making carpooling easier. (New York Times)

AAA wants the Port Authority to turn over documents it believes will show whether the agency is violating federal law by spending toll money on the World Trade Center. (Star Ledger)

As GPS systems and smart phone navigation systems thrive, paper maps are on the decline. (AP via

A Toronto art project known as Confessions Underground is videotaping people's 'confessions' -- and then putting videos of the recordings on 300 screens in every subway station throughout the city. (CBC)

California lawmakers will vote tomorrow on the plan to start building the state's high-speed rail project. Twist: money for the bullet train will be tied to a deal that would save the popular Caltrain commuter service. (Mercury News)

Meanwhile, farmers in California's San Joaquin Valley are marshaling opposition to the state's high-speed rail project. (San Francisco Chronicle)

And: the KQED team behind Train Wars is trying to make a feature length documentary about California's high-speed rail project. (Kickstarter)

CHART: how California state senate districts would benefit from high-speed rail. (Sacramento Bee)